Top 10 Torrenting Websites 2016

Torrenting websites have become a hot topic in the recent days with the shutdown of the popular torrent site kickass a few months ago. Everyone seem to be actively talking about that incident and many people started looking for alternate torrent websites for kickass. That gave us a hint on the popularity of torrent usage among Internet users. Although torrenting is considered illegal in many countries, we see the trend of torrent usage goes higher and higher every day. The huge amount of traffic all these torrenting websites receive is a good fact to prove this.

So here in BlurayTorrent, we decided to make a list with the Top Torrenting websites in 2016.

There are uncountable number of websites dedicated to share torrent files online. Each of them has their own goods and bads to talk about. But even among this plethora of torrenting sites available, we see some of the websites have gathered huge user bases around them and have made massive communities to keep these torrenting sites fresh and updated daily with new torrents. One good example is the recently shut down torrenting website, kickass. It had a huge community and as soon as the site went down, numerous clones and copied versions started popping up trying to imitate the service while some websites tried to scam users.

This Top 10 list will help you know what torrenting websites are popular among the Internet users. If you had not known any of these, it's a good chance to check them out.

These are the Top 10 torrenting websites of 2016


01. KickAss Torrents (KAT) now

There's no doubt that Kickass is the first choice of torrent downloaders. The nice, clean and organized layout gives its users a great experience which cannot be felt in other torrenting websites. Although the previous website of Kickass was shutdown, the guys who ran the website seem to be highly motivated that they launched a new website with the same content within a few weeks. Many users who were loyal members of the famous site was looking for alternatives in the meantime, and this news about the new KAT site spread faster that it managed to retain their old user base quicker and be at the top of this list by still being the most popular torrenting website.

Kickass is being updated with many new uploads every day and night. It refreshes many times a day and gives you the latest stats about the torrents. It's really easy to find what you are looking for using this awesome torrenting website. It has a category based organization of the torrent files which makes it easy to navigate between the interesting categories. Another option I have noticed in this Torrenting website is the adult content warning which is not seen in other similar websites. It warns you before you view any adult material on the site, making it family friendly if you want to download something at your home. :)

KAT had its Alexa rank dropped drastically with the seize of its original domain, but it seems the new domain is slowly getting the attention and returning back to its usual traffic stats. Placed at the 2272th position in Alexa global ranks at the moment and it seems the Indians are hanging around the new website a lot. It was Chinese who had the most traffic originating country with the website.



The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrenting websites and a leading name which would definitely have its position in any top list. Launched in 2003, the Pirate Bay faced many legal issues and a few hiccups in its long journey. But still it manages to be in the second place in this list because it's still one of the most popular torrenting websites among Internet users.

Although TPB is so popular, the site is really poor when it comes to the user experience and it's appearance. The website has a primitive look and the browsing and searching features aren't much pleasing. But TPB has a good amount of frequently updated torrents. So it's a good place to explore if you want something.

Pirate Bay currently holds the 153rd rank worldwide according to Alexa.



ExtraTorrent is the hope of many torrenting users after the raid of Kickass Torrents recently. Many believe Extratorrent would take the place of Kickass in future. No more words needed and the above statements are enough to explain the popularity of this torrenting website. That's why it makes into this best torrenting websites of 2016 list! ExtraTorrent has all kinds of fresh pirated stuff in its store updated regularly by its massive community.

One thing to like about this torrenting website is its nice and clean layout which makes things simple. What you need, you can easily find there. This also has a good navigation and a good searching feature to add to the list of good features.

ExtraTorrent has recently started getting more traffic due to the KickAss and PirateBay issues and as a result it climbed up rapidly in the Alexa ranks. It recently moved up in rankings by passing around 200 other websites. Extratorrent now positions at the 233rd rank in the Global top website list of Alexa.


04. (Previously knowns as

Torrentz has been one of the oldest torrenting websites and it's been very popular among the torrenting community. Torrentz is not exactly a torrenting website, but it's a search engine which searches for the torrents and gives the updated stats related to the torrent file from many torrenting websites. Users are then redirected to the specific torrent website where they can download the torrent file. So technically, Torrentz is not hosting any torrent files in their servers. In terms of ease of use, this is not the best torrenting website because you have to move between different sites if you use this site. But considering the popularity and it's long term service, torrentz is having the 4th place in this list.

Also note that the original domain name of Torrentz, was suspended and the site is not working anymore. They have moved the search engine to a new domain name under, so if you want to try it, head there.

Currently has managed to get the 1,036th global rank within this short time period which is a proof to its popularity. The old domain name has dropped its rank by around 200 places to be at the 416th place at the moment, which is still a better rank than the new one.


05. is one of the best torrenting websites I have seen so far. You may find 1337x in lower ranks in other top torrent lists, but to give its true value, we bring it to the 5th rank in this list because 1337x is really awesome. The community of 1337x keeps the things really fresh and updated regularly. It has the most elegant theme and the visual beauty of all the torrenting websites you have seen in this list. The site looks a little fancy at first with its vivid colors and the beautiful fonts. But when you start using it, you realize that its layout and design makes it really user friendly. The eye catching categorized menu comes really handy when you want to find what you want. The search functionality seems to be working really well.

Considering all the features, 1337x is really a good choice to give a try. This website currently holds the 807th rank in global Alexa ratings lists showing a huge rise in rankings recently. It's a good indication that this torrenting website is getting more attention among the torrent downloaders.



If you have ever looked into the trackers list of a torrent download, you may have seen this name many times. Rarbg has turned from the tracker to the massive torrent community over the time making it a popular name among the torrenting users. This website has a clean layout and an easy navigation which helps you browse the torrents easily. Search seems to be really useful too. Downloading the torrent files is a little easier as the links are placed at the top of the respective page. Unlike in other torrenting websites, you can't see the torrents directly at the home page so you have to click on the torrents tab to see them. One thing to dislike about the site is that it heavily relies on tons of ads which is a bit too much compared to the other sites in this list. One good thing is the clean use friendly layout which makes the things more nice and pleasant to the eye.

This torrenting website has gained a considerable boosts in the Alexa ranks in the last month and currently placed at the 406th in Alexa global ranks.



Torrent Downloads is one of the popular torrenting website among the torrent users. TD has a good collection of torrents organized really well in their website. One of the noticeable facts about Torrent Downloads is the layout and its theme. This torrenting website is one of the very few websites with a good clean design. The colors and the fonts used in the website makes it really pleasing to the eye and really easy to use it. This site also features a good navigation method with a category menu making things easier for their users.

Torrents Download is currently having the Alexa global rank 2033. This shows that the website is still not much popular among the torrenting community. But in the recent times it has increased the ranks by more than 700 places, so it's a good sign that it gets more and more attention recently.



YTS is one of the most popular torrent websites. This site has got so much attention and love from the movie fans because this is one of the best places to download movies. As the title of the website mentions, "The Official home of YIFI movies". So if you are not looking for a all round torrenting website, and just want movies, this is the best place to check out. This torrenting site gets updated regularly with latest YIFI movies. This website also having a nice clean layout and its really easy to use. The UI is extremely user friendly that you don't have to look for download buttons everywhere.

YTS is ranked 451 globally in Alexa ranks and it shows how popular this website among torrenting users.



EzTV is another torrenting website for movie fans. It has many latest movies and tv series in their website and the site seems to be regularly updating with fresh content. The website has a good layout, which is clean and nice. You can download the torrent files easily from this site because the site features are really simple and self explanatory. EzTV is a popular site which is currently having the global rank 1532. But one thing to notice is, out of all the websites listed in this top ten list, EZtv is the only website which has dropped its Alexa rankings in the recent times.



Bitsnoop is another old torrenting website popular in the torrent culture. The site seems to have adopted the same look and feel of the pirate bay that they both look much similar. One thing I disliked is the untidy layout which makes the things look a little bit messy compared to the other torrenting websites in this list. But the functionality is good and you can search and easily download the torrents easily.

Bitsnoop is not popular as the other websites in this list because it has only the 4,680th rank in Alexa global rankings. But one thing to note is that ranks have gone up rapidly during the recent days and it gives a hint that the site has been getting more attention in the past days.

Final Words....

This is an attempt to find out and list the most popular and the best torrenting websites available as of October 2016. These websites are not ranked in any specific order because we all know that Alexa is not 100% accurate. So it's not right to compare the websites on Alexa ranks and make a top list. We made this list by using our own experiences with these sites and based on our own evaluations considering the Alexa rank as a global signal to justify our judgments.  If you feel we have missed any good torrenting website in this list, feel free to mention it in the comments section.